Selling property

Selling a house that has been in a lease purchase agreement is an amount of work, but luckily the process can be made simpler with some basic steps. If you feel like your current set up is no longer working and you have decided to sell your home, this article will show you how to sell without too much hassle or stress.

Here are tips to help you sell a lease purchase home.

Give your property a good clean

A house that has been in a lease purchase agreement is likely to be higher priced than other similar homes, so it is important that you get rid of the rubbish and unwanted items before putting it up for sale. This means looking at the garden and the inside of the property to see if there is anything which needs to be removed or taken away. You can hire a skip which you can rent for a few days and this will help you to get rid of unwanted items and rubbish. Go here to read more.

Make sure your floors are clean

Lease purchase homes may have dirt in them, so it is important that you give your floors a good scrub before putting it up for sale. Floors are the first thing that people look at when visiting a property, so you need to make sure that they are clean and shiny. A good tip is to get a high pressure floor cleaning machine from a hire company and use it to clean the floors.

Ensure your home has modern fixtures

When selling a lease purchase property you will need to make sure that it meets the standard of other houses on the market. This means that modern fixtures are needed such as a new fridge, dishwasher and cooker. You will also need to replace your faulty linen and light fittings. These are all things that you should think about before putting your property up for sale. None of these items are expensive to replace so it is good to get a quote from local companies before you decide on any replacements.

Consider redecorating

If your lease purchase property has been empty for a while then it is likely that people may know that it has been left empty. To avoid this, you should consider refurbishing the place and making it white throughout. This gives the house a clean and fresh look which is more appealing to buyers. You may also want to consider painting the carpets so they look whiter and newer.

By Elora