Start empowering primary school students today by letting them enter the nurturing environment of The Alternative Story (TAS).

Here at the primary school english tuition, every student will have an opportunity to grow and develop their skills. Educators will help them discover relevant things that will help them be ready to move forward in the future. Join this community and embark on experiencing academic success. Parents will surely be assured that their child will have a great future through investing in the right educational institution today.

Academic achievements are very relevant when it comes to global career opportunities. Let your child be an achiever and attain academic success through genuine care from TAS, wherein they will grow the curious minds of the young ones and become ready to take into higher education. With the holistic approach to learning at this primary school, each student will surely be interested and eager to learn more.

Discover TAS Approach: Learning Through Holistic Way

Empowering the young ones has become easy because of the holistic approach of TAS. They use English classes to ensure the academic success of each student. With a supportive environment, young ones will not be afraid to explore and discover things. They will have a curious mind to ask and think critically in every situation.

What does TAS set apart?

The Alternative Story has comprehensive onsite and online programmes best for primary school students.

Those who prefer to study conveniently at home can easily do so through the online platform being offered here. In case parents and students desire to be physically present in their classes, they can also choose it. Whatever students choose, rest assured that they will receive the same quality of education they need and deserve. Engage them now in the lessons that will equip them today to learn the English language.

Students who have innate skills in creative writing can also develop it more through the Creative Writing Classes included in the primary school programme. Discover more of their English Enrichment Classes now. Rest assured that the teachers have wide knowledge and experience when it comes to teaching primary school students. Both parents and students will be satisfied on their academic journey through the commitment and excellent teaching of the educators here at TAS.

Immerse the young ones in the programmes by TAS to learn and develop their language skills, such as vocabulary, grammar, and writing. Here, the learning journey will be personalized to ensure that every student is growing academically.

By Elora