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Court reporters in Miami, like in many other areas, often extend their services to include notary services, adding value to their roles within legal proceedings. Click here Here is an overview of the notary services commonly offered by court reporters in Miami:

Administering Oaths and Affirmations:

Court reporters can solemnly administer oaths and affirmations to individuals who need to provide sworn statements or affidavits, ensuring the legality and integrity of the document.

court reporter

Witnessing Signatures:

They can witness the signing of various legal documents, attesting that the signatories personally appeared and signed in their presence, a vital step in document authentication.

Certifying Copies:

Court reporters can provide certification for copies of documents, confirming that they are accurate replicas of the original documents, which can be crucial for legal purposes.

Acknowledging Deeds and Contracts:

Notary services extend to acknowledging deeds, contracts, and legal agreements, verifying the identity of parties and confirming their understanding of the content.

Taking Depositions:

During depositions, court reporters may act as notaries to administer oaths, ensuring deponents provide truthful and reliable testimony in legal proceedings.

Preparing Jurats:

They can prepare jurats, which are notary certificates that authenticate the validity of affidavits or sworn statements, reinforcing their credibility.


Court reporters can assist in the preparation and notarization of affidavits, which are essential sworn statements often used as legal evidence.

Loan Signings:

Court reporters may provide notary services for loan signings, playing a pivotal role in the execution of mortgage documents, loan agreements, and related paperwork.

It’s important to note that while many court reporters offer notary services, they must adhere to the laws and regulations governing notaries public in Florida. This includes verifying the identity of individuals signing documents, keeping proper notary records, and following other legal requirements.


If you require notary services from a court reporter in Miami, it’s a good practice to inquire about their specific notary qualifications and ensure they are duly commissioned notaries in the state of Florida. This ensures that your documents are notarized correctly and are legally valid.

Choosing a duly commissioned notary court reporter in Miami ensures that your documents are correctly notarized, meeting all legal standards.  Find more here

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