Home-made oak barrels for aging spirits

For home liquor aging or as gifts, the Whiskey Barrels for sale and handmade custom miniā€“Red Head Oak Barrels make great gifts or for displaying in your home bar. In addition to smoothing and flavoring spirits such as tequila, rum, whiskey, scotch, bourbon, wines, vinegar, hot sauce, and so on, they can also be used for a wide variety of other applications. For Christmas, bachelor parties, weddings, best men and groomsmen, birthdays, corporate events, military retirements, etc, you can indulge a special person with such a gift, or treat yourself to a lifetime of enjoyment.

People have known for generations that proper aging is the key to maximizing the quality of spirits for as long as they have drunk. A Red Head Oak Barrels oak whiskey barrel will instantly bring you into contact with this history since our barrels make it possible to turn less-expensive liquor into a top-quality masterpiece within a matter of weeks. With your whiskey barrel, you can create Crown Royal in 14-15 days, Crown Reserve in about a month, or Crown XR in a few weeks. We offer mini wooden barrels in which you can age just about any tequila, rum, scotch, or bourbon of your choice to your desired level of perfection.

Red Head Oak Barrels

As the liquor is aged in mini barrels, it passes through the charring of the wood, filtering out impurities into the wood, resulting in a smoother, higher-quality taste. By aging in a mini whiskey barrel, you’ll be able to take advantage of compounds, including vanillin and wood tannins, to produce smooth, delicious, and perfectly aged drinks in a fraction of the time it takes large barrels. In addition, the cost is a fraction of what it would otherwise be. The oak whiskey barrel can last for many years if you clean and maintain it correctly, so for your convenience, we also offer the products you need to make the process even easier. We have Campden Tablets that are sulfur-based and can kill germs and bacteria in your barrel without altering its flavor. Use Barrel Wax to seal leaks, protect the airtight feature of the barrel, and extend its life.

By Elora